Norman Yap
Principle Photographer & Founder

Uniku ユニーク in Japanese signifies unique. The name Uniku Photography originated from the humble beginnings with the support from three very special and unique entities, my parents, my siblings and most of all my wife, Leena.

Thank you all for letting me chase my dreams.

So who am I?

I am fascinated by people.
I am visually drawn to emotions.
I hold memories dear.
I am inspired by relationships.
I believe in love, I am in love.
I am intrigued by the charm of imperfection.
I embrace the strength of vulnerability.
I value the beauty of genuine happiness.
I am a free spirit and keen traveler.
I want to capture all these moments.

How did I start?

My photography journey started in Tasmania, Australia. I wanted to capture the beauty of the Bass Strait and the majestic landscapes of the North West. My wife and I lived in a small town on the West Coast called Rosebery. 

These are the moments and memories that inspired the journey.

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